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Frequently asked questions about The Road Not Taken Bicycle Adventures guided, fully-supported, multi-day cycling tours can be found here.  If your question is not found or answered here, please call us at 843-732-2468.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why should we do a tour with you instead of another company?  

Many of the tours offered are where we live or have lived so we know these areas extremely well.  Our tour size is small by design which offers very personal attention.  We are cyclists, so everyday of your tour has riding time planned.  Even if it's a designated "rest day", we can offer something for you to do on your bike and always have alternate routes available for those wishing to tack on additional miles to their day.  The accommodations and restaurants selected for our tours are among the best available where we travel and you are able to select from the full restaurant menu, not preselected items.  We believe the tours available are an outstanding value and think you'll agree after experiencing one for yourself.


What is the size of your bike tour groups?  

Tour groups are small by design to provide guests with personal attention and maximum enjoyment.  We limit tours to no more than 13 guests but do require a minimum number of guests to operate the tour.


Does the group ride together all day?

Some guests prefer to ride with a group while others might enjoy venturing off on their own for extra miles or additional views.  While we do not require guests to ride together all day, there may be times we strongly encourage the group to remain together to partake in points of interest or for safety reasons.  It’s the decision of each guest to determine how to best enjoy the vacation experience.


I’m not in top condition / I have never been on a bike tour before but this tour really interests me.  Will I be able to keep up with the group?  
What skill / condition level should I be in to enjoy the tour?

Conditioning is a relative thing.  Riding your bike occasionally, regularly, or every day still may not be a good predictor of your conditioning level.  For instance, if you run, swim, or do other active sports, those activities may contribute to your overall conditioning.  In addition, if you normally ride on flat terrain but will be on a tour where it’s hilly, you may become fatigued more quickly.  However, keep in mind that on a bike tour you should expect to ride an hour or more everyday so being comfortable on the bike during that time will greatly enhance your enjoyment.

Please reference our cyclist fitness level chart below and let us know If you have concerns about your conditioning level or ability to enjoy a specific tour.  We are glad to discuss any questions or concerns, and may be able to suggest training program resources that may better prepare you to confidently approach the tour of your choosing.

Matrix of bicycling levels of conditioning and experience


My significant other / ride partner is not as strong a cyclist (or doesn’t bike) but would like to come along too.  Is that possible?

Absolutely glad have them along.  If they want to bicycle some but not all of the tour, they may choose when to bicycle and when to  ride in the van. Just like all tour guests, they may join the group for meals and planned activities or they may prefer to find other activities of interest in the towns we stay overnight.


What do I need to bring?

After completing your reservation, a suggested packing list will be provided based upon your tour choice and time of the year.  This is a starting point and is not intended to be a comprehensive list.


Should I bring my own bike or rent one?

While this is a personal decision, here are some things to consider.  Your own bike is fitted to you and you alone.  If you are concerned about comfort on long rides or joint/muscle aches and pains, we strongly encourage you to bring your bike to reduce these worries and increase your enjoyment.  However, you know your body best and if riding a bike other than your own typically doesn’t cause you to experience muscle soreness or joint pain, then renting a bike may be a good option.  If renting a bike, you may want to bring the pedals and shoes (if you have the clipless variety) and seat from your bike which will be installed on your rental bike.  Please call to discuss any concerns with us.


How can I bring my own bike?

If you plan to bring your personal bike on a tour and will be shipping it, we will recommend an exclusive partner with whom we work to build up and break down your bicycle and have prearranged pricing for your convenience.  Our exclusive partners have years of experience taking bikes from a box and making them ready to ride. You will need to work with a local bike shop to pack your bike in an appropriate box and pay to have it shipped to our exclusive partner near the origin of your tour.   Upon the conclusion of your tour, our exclusive partner will repack your bike in the same box and make it ready for pickup by your selected carrier.

If you are confident in your ability to break-down your bicycle and build it back up, you may consider doing this yourself and shipping your bike to a pre-tour location, such as a hotel.  Please feel free to discuss any concerns with us.


What if I rent a bike?

We will ask that you provide height, pant inseam, and other bicycle measurements to best match you with a bike that is the correct size.  Guests may find their comfort increased by bringing pedals, shoes, and seat (with seat post) from their personal bike. The seat and pedals will be installed for you on a rental bike.  We will also adjust your position on the rental bike to optimize your comfort.


Do I need a helmet?

We require all guests to wear a helmet while participating on a tour.  The decision to bring your own helmet is a personal one.  While we will gladly provide you with a helmet as part of the tour vacation, we also understand if guests prefer to bring their own helmet.


What if it rains during our tour vacation?

Since active vacations take place outdoors, it is recommended to arrive prepared for the possibility of rain by packing rain gear.  Some guests chose to bring a rain poncho.  Others might pack a rain resistant bike jacket and or pants.  Please note that our tours continue during rain showers.  However, if heavy rain or storms are forecast for the day, we will discuss the situation with the group to ensure you are comfortable with the decision to ride or not to ride based on conditions and always place your safety as a top priority.  Guests may decide to refrain from biking on a rain day and elect to ride in the comfort of our van instead.


How do I get to the starting point of the tour vacation?

Our tours typically begin near a city where guests are able to arrive by plane, car, or train.  If you are arriving by car, we may be able to arrange parking for the duration of the tour.  If you are arriving by air, we may recommend airport shuttle services to the starting location.  We also may be able to pre-arrange shuttle service courtesy of our van by coordinating with multiple tour guests depending on airport arrival locations, flight times, etc.  Regardless of your situation, we’ll do whatever possible to ensure you arrive worry-free at the start location of the tour and will provide information well in advance of your tour to assist with your travel planning.


Are children permitted on tours?

Children 18 years of age and under are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian at all times during the tour.  Children under 12 years of age may be permitted under certain circumstances.  Please call us to discuss your situation.


If I’m travelling alone, what options are available to me?

You may choose to add the single occupancy supplement to your tour cost and enjoy the comfort of a room to yourself.  If you request, we will attempt to match you with another solo traveler of the same gender in a single room with two beds.


Do I need vacation insurance?

While vacation insurance is not required, it is highly recommended since bike tour vacations are outdoor active vacations subject to variable weather conditions.  Travel to and from tour locations might also be subject to adverse weather, including hurricanes.

For your convenience, the following resources are provided as a starting point for gathering information about vacation insurance and helping guide your decision.  You may find this review helpful to your research and additionally may want to contact the vacation insurance companies below for more information.

The Road Not Taken Bicycle Adventures LLC has no affiliation, contract, or other arrangement with any of the vendors listed below.  These are provided strictly for the convenience of our guests.